Shoes By Bryan

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. – Coco Chanel


Shoes By Bryan is a visionary footwear brand founded by award-winning architecture and footwear designer Bryan Oknyansky and is the proud producer of Split Heels – the world's first eco-friendly 3D printed high heels that can be worn like traditional shoes, and can almost be 3D printed at home. Shoes By Bryan is on a mission to make a higher standard of footwear design, aesthetics, and comfort the lowest standard. The signature look of Shoes By Bryan footwear is developed by mixing Bryan Oknyansky's architectural inspirations with the latest in advanced alternative manufacturing technologies like 3D printing. Technology enables designers and manufacturers to make more, make better, and waste less - an underlying ethos of the Shoes By Bryan brand, a revolution in the making.


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