What are Split Heels?

Split Heels are the world's first eco-friendly customizable, and wearable 3D printed high heel shoes.


Are Split Heels like normal high heels?

No, Split Heels are different because they're the first of their kind! The process used to make a pair of Split Heels is on the cutting edge of technology. That makes them more than just statement shoes because they're also wearble experimental footwear artworks!


How can I buy Split Heels?

There are two ways to buy Split Heels. You can either buy a pair that has already been styled or you can style your own pair that others can buy!


Can I create my own style of Split Heels?

Yes! Shoes By Bryan lets you customize a pair of Split Heels by choosing up to 3 colors to give you a shot at making a unique pair. Try it out now!


If I create a unique style will the shoes be named after me?

Yes! No other high heel shoe brand does this. If you create and buy a unique style of Split Heels using the customization feature on the website, Shoes By Bryan will name the pair after you!


Can I buy a pair that someone else has styled?

Absolutely! You can choose a style from the Shop that someone else has previously styled and bought.


Will the actual shoes look exactly like the way they do on the website?

There is no guarantee that the pair of shoes you buy will exactly match the colors and textures as shown on this website. This is because the material used to make Split Heels is a bioplastic made from organic materials, which means multiple material orders of the same color might differ slightly form one another. Also, some materials are translucent and create beautiful effects with light which are difficult to accurately represent in a picture.


Are Split Heels comfortable?

The word on the street is "YES"! Shoes By Bryan makes custom cushy insoles for each pair of Split Heels that you wont find anywhere else.


How long does it take to get my Split Heels after I place an order?

Depending on how many orders are placed in one time, it could take up to two weeks to package and ship your order. In most cases orders can be shippind within a week from placing the order!


If I've styled a pair of Split Heels but I'm not ready to buy them, can I save my style?

If you've created a Shoes By Bryan account you can! If you get excited and style a bunch of unique shoes but aren't ready to buy them just yet, be sure to click the "Save to Wishlist" button so every time you log into your account you can see the styles you've created. But remember, the styles will only be named after you if you're the first to buy them.


What is 3D printing?

3D printing is general term for a many technologies that create objects by adding material layer by layer, which is why it is technically known as Additive Manufacturing.


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How can I report a problem with the website?

If you find that something isn't quite working right on the website, please email explaining the problem you encountered and work will be done to fix the problem! Thank you in advance for reporting any problems with the website - it helps everyone!